Awards and Recognitions

Your personal wishes come true naturally over a course of time if your intentions and deeds in life are clean and you do only good for others!

The decades of experience combined with his insightful and deeper approach to life and issues, makes Mr. George a versatile speaker on different issues. His experience in business and the finance industry, in particular has made him quite a popular speaker at institutions and corporate gatherings. He participates in numerous panel discussions and seminars on topics of National Social and Economic relevance, along with other top management officials and CEOs of corporate giants. Financial Inclusion forms an item in our Government’s agenda in reaching the unbanked masses and Mr. George places much priority on this issue. He has spoken on frequent occasions on ‘Financial Inclusion – Regulation & Policies’, ‘Financial Inclusion – Payment Systems & Technology Infrastructure’, ‘Rethinking Retail Transactions: Enabling convergence in Retail Payments” , ‘the opportunities in migrant remittances and much more significant topics which often creates high interest among the audience.

" Aggression and speed are good, but should also carry quality and perfection along the journey!"

- V George Antony