Mr. George Antony is a member from Vachaparambil family, Pulincunnoo, Alappuzha Dist. of Kerala.

A trip down memory lane - Vachaparambil Family

Let us take a small glance about the family history of Mr. George .It all began with St. Thomas, the disciple of Jesus Christ who came to India in 52 AD, landed in the port town of Kodungalloor and established a Christian community there. Since the first conversions happened in around this area, the family had its beginning in Kodungalloor. For whatsoever reason, some of the Christians further migrated to other parts of Kerala from Kodungalloor in the early part of the 19th century.

The origin of Vachaparambil Family can be traced back to the 17th century from Kerala. One of his great grandfathers came to Kuttanad in AD 1760 and settled down in Pulincunnoo. Vachaparambil Family is categorized into two as Vachaparambil Aresserry and Vachaparambil Ezapadi.

Mr. George belongs to the Vachaparambil Ezapadi family which consists of around 30 families associated from the root level. He was born to Antony Vachaparambil and Daisy Antony on 9th Oct 1959. They have 6 children (3 sons and 3 daughters) who are all well settled in Kerala. Mr. George is the fourth among them.

Mr. George has a very loving and caring family .He got married to Teresa in the year in 1987. She is home maker. At home, she is the pillar of strength for Mr. George. They are blessed with 3 children.

Eldest son - Anto George, very handsome and intelligent. He has completed his Mechanical Engineering and presently working with Quest Global Engineering, Bangalore .Some of his achievements: Has acquired 3rd position for “Junkyard Wars” at IIT-Madras, 3rd position for “Rumble in the Junk” at PSG College of Technology, 2nd position for “Business Plan Presentation conducted by KRAYON, E-cell Karunya University .He presented a Design for DGS Dhinakaran Memorial Building competition & secured 2nd Position in the event. He is interested in Driving, Football, Cycling, Travelling, and Trekking.

Second son - Paul George, very smart and enthusiastic. He has completed his Engineering in BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore and now working with L &T, Bangalore.

Youngest one is daughter, Minu George, pretty and calm. Studying for B.Com in Bangalore

Mr. George is more affectionate, responsive and confident with his children. He is a good friend of them.