Personal Outlooks

  • “Change for Improvement”
  • “Building Relationships forever”
  • “If the mind is willing, there is absolutely nothing that is humanly impossible in this world”
  • “Success is guaranteed when enthusiastic minds teams up and strive for a common goal”

“There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness, and truth.” said Leo Tolstoy. These great words reflects conspicuously in Mr. George’s case, as his acts and deeds win the hearts of all who meet him and know him. He is simple, noble and cordial to everyone. He is a man of imagination; his foresight and vision has thrown light in the path of success of the organization.

Mr. George holds close to his heart certain disciplines and principles which he knows, have played a crucial role in his way to success. Among his co-workers and subordinates, Mr. George’s life is his message. His ethos is lived out in his everyday life plain for all to see and choose to follow. His commitment to physical and emotional wellbeing keeps him energetic throughout.

The foundation for success, he believes has been transparency and uncompromising quality. Preparedness to take risk, integrity, honesty and commitment to be part of the solution at all times makes him an inspiring leader to aspirant juniors. He relates to his employees on a personal level, so that he can inspire change and instil ambition. Appreciation, motivation and support ensure that his employees are fortified in their pursuit for excellence. Policy decisions are made so as to benefit employees even as it betters business. Mentoring is a forte that Mr. George consciously nurtures.

His kindness, insight and sensitivity make him a compassionate friend to look up to. Mr. George keeps it a priority to do his share in the community he lives in, this is prominently reflected in the many and varied humanitarian projects undertaken by the Company. Apart from this, his own personal contributions find their way to numerous underprivileged lives. Traveling, unwinding and adventures keep him ever ready to take on new challenges in any turf.

His great oratory skills have often made him grab the undivert attention of the crowd at auspicious occasion and at high official gatherings. Travelling, unwinding and adventures keep him ever ready to take on new challenges in any turf.

Versatile Speaker

The decades of experience combined with his insightful and deeper approach to life and issues, makes Mr. George a versatile speaker on different issues. His experience in business and the finance industry, in particular has made him quite a popular speaker at institutions and corporate gatherings. He participates in numerous panel discussions and seminars on topics of National Social and Economic relevance, along with other top management officials and CEOs of corporate giants. Financial Inclusion forms an item in our Government’s agenda in reaching the unbanked masses and Mr. George places much priority on this issue. He has spoken on frequent occasions on ‘Financial Inclusion – Regulation & Policies’, ‘Financial Inclusion – Payment Systems & Technology Infrastructure’, ‘Rethinking Retail Transactions: Enabling convergence in Retail Payments” , ‘the opportunities in migrant remittances and much more significant topics which often creates high interest among the audience.

He also speaks out of his diverse experience on varied topics such as Foreign Exchange, Money Transfer and IT. His speaking assignments have benefited students, academics, business and professional gatherings. Speaking to the youth delights him and he never misses an opportunity to do it. Even so, for Mr. George while imparting his experience and expertise is important, he is more thrilled to learn from others and acquire more knowledge.

Mr. George had a deep perception towards digital development and often commented about paperless/cashless economy, especially when it was hardly known to the people around him. In fact, he has been giving the most motivational and genius talk on empowering digital India among the young gen, becoming a popular speaker in demand, both in renowned colleges and auspicious panel discussions.